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About me:

I strive in providing value and helping student in need of valuable information even in the face of obstacles. I enjoy being able help others by locating resources or demonstrating the best approach to perform research, and I do so cheerfully and patiently.”


With a collection of available resources, librarians serve as a driving force in educating the public and providing assistance to those in need. For instance, librarians can help institute programs to provide employment and housing assistance or guide patrons to appropriate resources to learn new skills.


As a Librarian and I have been responsible for stocking the Library with new reading material to keep the school's patrons happy. I have also had the duty of listening to patron requests and made orders based on their needs. 

As a Library Assistant I have been involved in doing several things to ensure library patrons have what they need to learn and enjoy reading. First, we send out quick surveys to our patrons to fill out which tells us about what they like to read and see more of in the library. When we see recurring patterns in patron surveys, we order more of that specific resources.

I am also subscribed to several magazines, articles, newsletters and Journals that treat popular topics and subjects. This allows me to bring more resource to the library.

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