Adefolu Nimotallahi

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Power is not measured by the amount of strength one have. It is measured by the zeal to never give up on the journey to success. Though some people believe that you have attain power if you rule the world. But power is infact not attained until people accept and love the one who rules them. Virtually most of us don't love our leaders in power but we just have to accept them because they impose themselves on us in the name of power.



The power behind every millionaires and billionaires is money, without money they are nothing. And the power in money is the zeros behind the figures that makes it powerful. Therefore the power of money comes from nothing which is zero. Power can never be measured even in money, because money comes from nothing. Money is not by the power one have, is  the amount of wisdom one have behind it. Power can either make or break you. The best person you can be when in power, is to always remember where you come from and where you are heading to in life. Love for power leads to destruction, if you want it for the wrong reason.

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