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    Startup founders and CEOs are faced with many challenges from the time they launch; from funding to having a unique product or service, and to having an eager and existing market, amongst others.

    ​Having the right people on the team can:

    Help mitigate these challenges

    Help companies gain traction quicker

    Recruitment + Selection

    Onboarding + Orientation Facilitation

    Vertebrae - Policies, Processes, Company Structure, Company Design

    Mission and Value Realignment + Culture Co-Defining

    Performance Management (OKRs) facilitation and feedback

    Compensation and Benefits Management

    Learning and Development

    Offboarding and Exit

    Plus many more bespoke solutions

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    We understand startups, having worked with 53 startups and small businesses.

    We understand technology and leverage it as a tool to simplify people processes.​

    We understand and are passionate about people - finding people, empowering people and locking them in.


    Qualifications Bachelor's Degree in Business, Economics, Statistics, or related field. Advanced degree preferred. 4 years of proven experience in a data analysis role, preferably in retail or merchandising. Proficiency in data analysis tools (e.g., Excel, SQL, Python, Tableau) and statistical methodologies. Strong analytical mindset with the ability to interpret complex data sets and trends. Excellent communication skills to convey insights effectively to diverse stakeholders.Must have Skills: Strong analytical skills Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to build strong relationships and collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams. Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills.


    Description Our client needs a highly motivated and detail-oriented Buyer Data Analyst to join our merchandising team. The ideal candidate will possess strong analytical skills, a deep understanding of retail data, and the ability to translate insights into actionable strategies.DutiesData Collection and Analysis: Gather, clean, and analyze diverse data sets including sales records, market reports, and customer feedback. Conduct thorough market research to identify trends, consumer behavior patterns, and competitor activities.Demand Forecasting and Assortment Planning: Utilize statistical models and historical data to forecast demand for products/categories. Collaborate with the buying team to assist in assortment planning based on data-driven insights.Supplier Evaluation and Inventory Optimization: Evaluate supplier performance metrics, analyze delivery times, and assess quality standards. Monitor inventory levels, turnover rates, and sell-through to optimize stock levels efficiently.Reporting and Visualization: Develop and maintain reporting dashboards to visualize key metrics and trends. Prepare regular reports summarizing sales performance, inventory status, and market trends.Insights and Strategy Development: Provide actionable insights and recommendations derived from data analysis to improve buying strategies, pricing, product assortment and inventory distribution. Assist in the development of merchandising strategies aligned with data-driven insights.Collaboration and Communication: Collaborate with cross-functional teams including buyers, assistant buyers, marketing, and sales to align strategies and goals. Effectively present data-driven insights to stakeholders through reports and presentations.What does the role mean in simple terms? You will be joining a new team called the merchandising department. The role is new to the business and will need and experienced person. You will be responsible for analyzing trends in number of product categories, product sales behaviour, supplier performance, store-specific performance and customer buying behaviour. You have to enjoy numbers and visualising trends in a very simplified manner. One of your first tasks will include designing and creating a company specific Order ManagementSystem and Demand Forecasting System


    Reporting, Research and development, Planning, Data analysis


    Bachelor's degree