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    Company Overview:

    We are a top research and consultancy firm devoted to providing insightful economic analysis and strategic guidance to clients in various industries.

    Our focus is on delivering high-quality research and actionable insights to assist in making informed decisions.

    Job Overview:
    We are in search of a dynamic and seasoned Research Economist to lead our research team. The ideal candidate will be tasked with conducting economic research, analyzing data, and offering strategic recommendations to clients. Additionally, they will supervise a team of researchers to ensure top-notch results and timely project delivery.

    Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities:

    • Conduct economic research on diverse issues like market trends, industry analysis, and policy developments.
    • Perform market research on client businesses and their competitors, analyze data to extract meaningful insights and make forecasts.
    • Create proposals encompassing business plans, strategy plans, and project proposals detailing processes, financial implications, team makeup, company profiles, and relevant past endeavors.
    • Lead and supervise a team of researchers, offering guidance, mentorship, and feedback on performance.
    • Collaborate with internal teams and external partners to pinpoint research priorities and project prospects.
    • Compile and deliver research findings, reports, and presentations to clients and stakeholders.
    • Stay updated on economic trends, regulatory changes, and industry advancements to guide research projects and strategic advice.
    • Identify and cultivate new business prospects through existing connections and by forming new contacts.
    • Assess and analyze the effectiveness of implementing business strategies.
    • Develop strategies to boost revenue, reduce costs, and foster business expansion.
    • Provide editorial services and act as a rapporteur when needed.

    Job Requirements:

    • B.Sc. in Economics, Social Sciences, or related fields in Finance (minimum of 2:2/Upper Credit); Master's and professional qualifications are advantageous.
    • 7 years of experience in a research/strategy role (Experience in Consulting is a plus).
    • Proficient in economic research and analysis.
    • Strong report writing skills, analytical abilities, critical thinking, and problemsolving skills.
    • Leadership background with the capacity to lead and inspire a team.
    • Effective communication and presentation skills, with the ability to articulate complex economic concepts in a clear and concise manner.
    • Detailoriented mindset with a dedication to delivering highquality work within tight deadlines.
    • Demonstrated capability to work both independently and collaboratively in a fastpaced setting.
    • Strong team player with exceptional interpersonal skills.
    • Proficiency in MS Office and modern data management tools.