Coordinator, Doc Express Operations - Oyo, Nigeria - AMO Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited

    Default job background
    Full time

    Job Purpose

    • DOC Express serves as a comprehensive digital marketplace, connecting hatcheries with farmers and streamlining the entire DOC value chain.
    • The platform is designed to enhance efficiency, provide technical support, and foster seamless communication among participants.
    • The DOC Express Operations Coordinator's primary responsibility is to spearhead efforts in optimizing the platform's performance and increasing its adoption and market penetration


    • Take responsibility for the sales and marketing of the Platform to increase adoption and generate revenue.
    • Manage the logistics systems requirements for the business and on behalf of the customers.
    • Creating and implementing sales and marketing strategies for DOC Express
    • Developing sales plans, setting targets, and forecasting sales volumes
    • Supervising all sales and marketing activities
    • Planning and managing logistics for DOC deliveries.
    • Onboarding logistics partners and drivers on the DOC Express Platform.
    • Overseeing the management of own fleet
    • Organizing journey routes for efficient deliveries
    • Ensuring prompt resolution of bird delivery-related issues
    • Establishing and monitoring key performance indicators KPIs with weekly reporting
    • Coordinate all activities related to the business.
    • Manages all interfaces of the platform and assigns roles as required.
    • Take overall responsibility for all employees working with the platform.
    • Manages relationships with stakeholders Hatcheries, Transporters and Customers
    • Approve the agreed price projection for the different hatching dates
    • Oversees all marketing activities and promotions with a mandate to lead with execution
    • Approves hatcheries and transporters on the platform


    • Bachelor's degree in Poultry Science, Animal Science, Agriculture, Economics, Business Management, or a related field.
    • A master's degree is an added advantage.
    • Proven experience at least 5 years in poultry farming, strong organizational skills to oversee logistics to ensure the well-being of chicks during transportation and distribution and biosecurity
    • Strong understanding of poultry farming practices, animal health, and logistics.

    Required Skills and Competencies:

    • Ability to manage multiple responsibilities to completion with tight timelines.
    • Knowledge of biosecurity measures and compliance with industry regulations.
    • Strong communication verbal and written and analytical skills.
    • People and time management
    • Excellent report writing and presentation skills.

    Expected Behavioral Competencies:

    • Resourcefulness
    • Dependability
    • Passion
    • Integrity
    • Promptness
    • Accountability
    • Image/brand representation of the company