Steve Ijatomi

Abuja, Municipal Area Council

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About me:

Highly motivated and dedicated Computer Science graduate who is continuously looking to enhance knowledge already acquired. I am a Computer science graduate from the University of Bath, United Kingdom. I have gained valuable software development and project management experience working on several group projects whilst working.


National Youth Service Corps (Jan 2018 - Jan 2019)

University Of Bath (BSc Computer Science) (Sept 2013 – 2017) Networking (80), Safety-critical computer systems (76), Entrepreneurship (72), Theory of human computer systems (62), Logic and semantics (62), Individual project (52), Computer algebra (P) Achieved 2.2

Wiltshire College (University of Bath International Foundation Year) (Sept 2012 –June 2013)
English (A), Mathematics (A), Physics (C)

Bridge House College (University Foundation Programme) (Sept 2011 –June 2012)
Physics (C), Mathematics (B), Chemistry (C), Communication Skills (B), Information Technology (B)

Federal Government College Warri (GCSE) (Sept 2005 –June 2011) Advanced Maths (A), English Language (B), Physics (B), PHE (B), Mathematics (C), Chemistry, Biology (C), Agricultural Science (C), Economics (C)


Web Development
 JavaScript
 Bootstrap
 Node.js
 Express.js
 React.js
 Ejs
 MongoDB
 Mongoose

Mobile Application Development
 Java
 Flutter
 Dart
 SqLite
 Firebase
 Room

Software Development and Testing Methodologies
 Scrum
 Agile
 Waterfall
 Evolutionary
 Black-box testing
 White-box testing
 Heuristic Evaluation
 Cognitive Walkthrough
 Experimental testing

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