Nwadike Ikechi

Nwadike Ikechi

Abuja, Municipal Area Council

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About me:

My name is Dr. Ikechi Nwadike, I am a very passionate and licensed optometrist with a vast knowledge in Optometry practice which encompasses every form of primary eye care with an equally good experience in sales and retail optometry.

I have the desired experience to critically make detailed analysis that best helps me take care of my patients satisfactorily and also provide them with the best eye wears. When i am not talking optometry, i am seeking for ways to best learn about the most conducive ways employees can carry out their duties safely in their work places.


I graduated from Imo State University with a Doctor of Optometry Degree (OD) in Optometry here in Nigeria with a CGPA of 3.90


I work with Guinness Eye Centre, Onitsha from January 2020 to February 2021

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