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I’m a resourceful and result-oriented condition monitoring maintenance specialist. My tenacious and proactive approaches to solving facility problems are based on industry best practices and root cause failure analysis; RCFA. I have over 7years of experience in rotating equipment maintenance. In these years, I have been faced with lots of challenges ranging from a simple spring-mass system like electric motor configuration to intricate turbomachinery like Turbines.  Some, have pushed me to acquire more knowledge and skills through training, while others have helped me to collaborate with major actors in the field of rotor dynamics.  

Some of my major achievements are; being a major actor in a strategy that is saving my current company millions of dollars, via using condition monitoring techniques to curb OEM usual 25k running hours, minor overhaul, and 50k major overhaul, of gas turbine generators. Generally, with condition monitoring maintenance, in 2020, we had a cost-saving of over 1million dollars. Also, we initiated the stat analysis strategy to detect energy transfer path on equipment and piping, operating, or laying in a perturb condition via superimposing the analysis with VDI 3842 for remedial actions. 

In summary, I have always spurred the institutionalization of condition base maintenance as the fore and best maintenance practice. This has awakened and ameliorated top managers' decisions on equipment reliability. Inevitably depending on our report to make strong maintenance and operational decision before/after TAM, PMs, and shutdowns. Thusly, saving lots of cost and time wasted on unnecessary overhauls in the past. 



B-Eng In Mechanical.


  • Condition Monitoring of Rotating and Static Equipment
  • Vibration DSA (Acoem ONEPROD, Emerson CSI 2140)
  • Vibration Software (NEST 4.0, AMS machinery analyser) 
  • Laser Alignment Tools (FITURLASER, ROTALIGN)
  • Single Plane and 2-Plane Balancing of Turbomachinery and Fans.
  • Modal Analysis and ODS.
  • Lube Oil Sampling and Analysis (SPECTRO Minilab 153 and Micro lab 40).
  • Plant Gas Leak Survey and Quantification Tool (Distran Ultra PRO X)
  • Ultrasound Inspection Tool (UE 10000).
  • Transfer Path Analysis Tool (Falcon TWF, PCB Piezotronics).
  • Infrared Thermography (FLiR T620).
  • Non-Destructive Testing Techniques (LRUT, Spot UT, DPI, MPI)
  • Bentley Nevada.
  • Spectrum, TWF, Orbit Plot, Bode, Cascade, centerline, waterfall, Enveloping, SFI, PI, GE System 1.
  • SAP - Procurement, Logistics and asset Management
  • HSE Documentation (SOW, JHA etc.)

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Condition Monitoring Engineer

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