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About me:

I am a goal-oriented individual with a pleasant personality and a tenacity that knows no restrictions, multitasking and highly ambitious, with willingness and ability to meet expectations. Extremely motivated to constantly develop my skills and grow professionally. Experienced in monitoring and evaluation and a professional with strong leadership and relationship-building skills. Technically-savvy with outstanding relationship building, training and presentation skills. My objective is to work with existing staff and facilities, contributing my ability and quota so as to achieve organizational target objectives and goals, hence strive for excellence and precision at all times and attaining professional distinction and proficiency.


MSC Sociology (Demography and Population Studies)                         University of Ibadan 

First Class Honours BSc Sociology                                                         Kaduna State University


Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning Officer

(MEAL)                                                                                             Jan 2020 to Present 

Specific Job Responsibilities 

Monitoring and Evaluation: 

I designed and managed Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning system through providing high-quality technical support and leading the recovery MEAL team. 

I facilitated, designed, and conducted MEAL surveys including PDMs, evaluation, baselines and others related to the project, in close consultation with the recovery and resilience program and MEAL staff. 

I developed and adapted project specific MEAL tools and carried out field testing where necessary. 

I tracked donor and CRS reporting requirements and deadlines and provide MEAL information to Program Managers for drafting reports. 

I determined role of all actors involved in providing technical support to project monitoring and evaluation.  And ensured consistency of standards, harmonization of information and inputted from beneficiaries and sharing of learnings. 

I maintained the project database and supervised related matters. 

 I facilitated and performed quantitative and qualitative analysis of data for project requirements.

I verified data for completeness, correctness and consistency and followed up on any data/program quality issues. 

I led regular MEAL field visits to collect data with the help of partners, assess the application of MEAL tools, and assist in preparation of monthly/quarterly report to donors and CRS office. 

I identified bottlenecks in the program MEAL systems, recommended appropriate solutions and ensure d follow through. 


I led the development and implementation of feedback and response channels to reflect the preferences of community members and beneficiaries of the project. 

I coordinated and supported emergency response for accountability specific requirements including accountability needs for distributions interventions. 

I facilitated and oriented program staff and partners on the basic principles and practices of beneficiary accountability. 

I ensured that beneficiary feedback is adequately analyzed and documented. 

I ensured that all sensitive and not sensitive cases are channeled (including documentation) according to the framework with a high level of confidentiality and neutrality. 

I coordinated closely with program managers for accountability related cases that involves gender and protection factors. 


I identified, documented, stored and shared lessons learned (this includes success story too) that have implications for refinement of best programmatic practice. 

I conducted and documented end of project learning reviews and share learning with stakeholders. 

I liaise with the PMs, NE MEAL lead, Agriculture and livelihoods Adviser and Director Early Recovery and Resilience to carried out needs assessments and initial evaluations to inform proposal development. 




I provided quality mentoring and coaching to early recovery MEAL staff and ensured that coaching and performance plans are completed on time and with adherence to CRS talent management quality standards. 

Together with the Emergency MEAL Coordinator/Manager, Program Manager II, Country Program MEAL Coordinator and PM, we identified capacity building needs for staff/partners. 

I supported training events organized by CRS for staff and/or partners, including project reflections, learning assessments, planning and facilitation guides. 




I improved program implementation, Data Demand and monitored activities according to the project's DIP and MEAL system. I monitored the formation of 1324 farmers producer and created database of 60524 participates (Farming Household) in the 1324 producer groups created. I created database of 5000 SILC participants in the 200 Savings and Internal lending Communities (SILC) groups created.  I create database of the 84 Agric FAs, SILC FAs and SILC Supervisors working as volunteers in the activity and database of producer groups and SILC executives (officials). I create database of members of Marketing Committee, Community Based-Seed producers, and Village Agro dealers.


I routinely tracked the number of participants who participates in step-down training of producer groups on SMART Skills and kept the attendance recorded in my achieve in my office. Conducted routine data validation (collect data as part of supportive supervision of the data collection process). I kept records and gave report of number of participants, partners, and field agents that participants in training, meetings etc., kept and maintained proper fill and validated attendance sheets of activities implemented, verified participants of activity me to ensure they are in our database and verified the name of participants in the producer’s groups and ensured they are in the household database of participants.


I analyzed and produced narrative reports of field visit, which I carried out field visit to monitor activities. I led our team that collected quantitative data (survey) and qualitative data (KII and FGD) for on all assessments and evaluation on Integrated Agricultural Activity. I lead my organization Data Quality Assessment (DQA) with USAID Third Party Monitors QDA and wrote reports on DQA carried out by the third-party monitors during their Field Based Monitoring visit. I participated in work plan meetings and meetings with partners.


Improved the learning and accountability in program implementation and orient my organization program staff and field agents on the basic principles and practices of beneficiary accountability and ensured timely/effective monitoring of activity Beneficiary Feedback Mechanisms with partners and field staff and ensured that beneficiary feedback is adequately analyzed, documented, and timely resolved. I also identified, document, store and share lessons learned that have implications for refinement of best programmatic practice.


I support the Implementation of ICT4MEAL in the Feed the Future Integrated Agricultural Activity, promoted the use of Information Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) solutions throughout the project and digital data collection and provided technical support to project team on device managementI uploaded project assessment and studies carried out into mobile devices and tablet that were used to collect data and carry out survey electronically. I tracked community and partners that contribution their quota (share cost) in the implementation of activities and report the value (USD) of contribution made to the increase small holder farmers agriculture productivity in target areas.


Diamond Development Initiative 

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer                                                            July 2019 to December 2019 

I developed routine monitoring plan. 

I actively participated in planning supervision, monitoring and evaluation of all project activities. 

I maintained comprehensive information of all partners of the project. 

I developed data collection tools. 

I collated, analyzed and interpreted data with a view of making decision or recommendations to the management. 

I worked with data platforms, databases, and technologies to capture and organize data. 

I monitored project activities output and progress towards anticipated result. 

I developed and strengthened monitoring, inspection, and evaluation procedures. 

I monitored all project activities, expenditures, and progress towards achieving the project output. 

I monitored the sustainability of project’s results. 

I provided feedback to the project management for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the project by identifying bottlenecks in completing project activities and developing plans to minimize or eliminate such bottleneck. 

I reported monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual progress on all project activities to the Project Officer/Coordinator. 

I participated in annual project reviews and planning workshops and assist the Project manager in preparing relevant reports. 

I supported monitoring and evaluation of the outcome and impact of the project. 

I assisted in coordinating across the available components of the project to ensure effective implementation. 

I provided inputs, information, and statistics for quarterly, annual and other reports to the Project Officers/Coordinator 

I participated in annual project reviews and planning workshops and assist the Project Officer/Coordinator in preparing relevant reports. 

I prepared and maintained data base. 

I prepared issues Log and Log Risk for the project 

I performed other duties required. 


Monitors, track processes and evaluate the Stabilization and Reconciliation in the Lake Chad Region (STaR) project financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through a German development bank (KfW) and German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and implemented by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in partnership with Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI). STaR contributes to stabilization and reconciliation in the most affected areas of the Lake Chad. 


Region covering Nigeria, Niger and Chad. The project in Nigeria is implemented in six Local Government Areas of Adamawa and Borno States with 8000 thousand farmers and 4500 women and youth as beneficiaries on the Economic Revitalization Component of the project so that communities can access more livelihoods opportunities to generate incomes through training of farmers on best Agronomic practices (BAP) for farmers and youth and women on vocational skills. 


Search for Common Ground International

Design Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Consultant                            March 2019 to July 2019 

I supported the design, development and implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system within assigned area. 

I processed complex information related to all aspect of program activity implementation. 

I worked with established standard operating procedure for collecting data, monitoring project progress and measuring program inputs/outputs. 

I coordinated weekly with Senior DMEL Manager to determine priority tasks. 

I ensured the state team is aware of and up to date on all DMEL tasks and reports. 

I conducted site visits during project implementation phase in assigned areas. 

In concert with the Senior DMEL manager we developed monitoring and evaluation plans for field-level projects 

I produced “routine monitoring report” (RMR) according to an approved template for each site visit prior to the indicator verification visit. 

I identified lessons learned, constraints, and project impacts based on determined theme and/or sector for inclusion in quarterly reports. 

I shared observations from monitoring visits with Senior DMEL Manager when findings demonstrate questionable actions. 

I served as primary point of contact for media and communications officers when developing impact assessments, success stories, newsletters, and weekly reporting. 

I undertook comprehensive analysis of projects based on history of site visits, present findings to Senior DMEL Manager in a concise and professional manner. 

I supported quality, conflict sensitive, innovation and effective DMEL process. 

I implemented SFCG M&E standards around project planning meetings, baseline studies, listenership surveys, data collection processes, monitoring and evaluation of projects. 

I coordinated monthly reflection and learning sessions with Search Staff in the state offices. 

I represented the program positively and professionally in both internal and external environments. 

I participated in professional training and development activities, as necessary. 


I worked successfully in monitoring and evaluation and data analysis COMPONENT of the US Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) funded project of Early Warning and Early Response (EWER) Mechanism project implemented in Adamawa and Borno. The project had been one of 

Search's flagship interventions in Nigeria for furtherance of the vision and mission of Search for Common Ground in Nigeria. The project achieved all its intended objectives and had been instrumental in establishing a community owned mechanism for violence prevention and response in the targeted communities, LGAs and States through the functioning of CRNs, CSADs and PADs established as part of the project in Adamawa and Borno State. 


International Organization for Migration (IOM) 

Data Analyst Assistant (Data Entering Clerk)                                  Feb 2019  to March 2019 

I supported the Data Analyst in the design of analytical tools for the treatment of key election findings based on observation data collected by observers 

I supported the Data Analyst in processing election observation forms received from observers on Election Day, in support of the design of analytical tools for the treatment of key election finding 

I managed data transcription and computer data entry. 

I entered accurate and timely data into the project databases. 

I maintained database using Access, Excel and other software under minimal supervision. 

I maintained the filing system to keep data collection records in an organized manner and ensure completeness of records for future review. 

I compiled, sorted, and verified accuracy of data to be entered. 

I kept track of received data and source documents. 

I performed other duties as assigned 


Centre for Community Development and Research Network

Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator                                                          Nov 2017  to Feb 2019 

I provided support to project design activities including development of project theories of change and strategic frameworks (Results Frameworks, Log Frames) 

I developed Monitoring and Evaluation plan and helped determine performance and impact indicators and targets. 

I provided support to proposal development for M&E components 

I implemented monitoring systems and designed monitoring tools. 

I developed data collection tools. 

I developed monitoring and evaluation tools according to CCDRN and donor standards. 

I monitored project activities, outputs, and progress towards anticipated results. 

I trained field staff in monitoring and evaluation processes and provided mentorship and coaching to improve efficiency of the monitoring and evaluation unit. 

I managed data analysis procedures and use of quantitative or qualitative analysis tools. 

I cleaned, sorted, categorize and organized data and analyze quantitative and/or qualitative data and summarize findings. 

I developed monthly, quarterly, or annual reports depending on project requirements. 

I disseminated findings perform qualitative and quantitative analyses of data collected during formative studies. 

I disseminated evaluation findings and project results to donors and other stakeholders to support organizational learning and contribute to policy processing or development. 

I carried out M&E assignments and operations research activities as needed; ensure timely, accurate and appropriate reporting of M&E activities and results to the donor/funder. 

I conducted program analysis or special studies. 

I supported and led evaluation teams. 

I managed external evaluation consultants and draft scopes of work. 

I oversaw the activities of State M&E Officers, work collaboratively with others program team to ensure effective program design and implementation. 

I supported the implementation of programme activities at states level. 

I worked collaboratively with finance staff to prepare and track the progress of project and activity budgets and perform any other duty commensurate with the position. 


Carried out research and analysis of data on a project on existing and prospective livelihood opportunities in communities selected for the early return of IDPs in Borno State and implications for peace, security and public safety”. The project is a European Union funded project in conjunction with Monitoring Conflict in North East (MCN) and British Council. 

Collaborated with CCDRN Senior Program Manager and Executive Director in the development of the following project and supervised the monitoring and evaluation components of the projects and data analysis.

United Nation World Food Program food distribution project in Gujba and Gulani LGAs of Yobe State. Livelihood 

United Nation World Food Project and Community Based Participatory Planning in Bade LGA, Yobe State and Michika LGA of Adamawa State

United Nation World Food Program Food for Assets (FFA)/Livelihood Project in Bade LGA of Yobe State and Michika LGA of Adamawa State 

United Nation Food and Agricultural Organization Third Party Monitoring of FAO Raining Season Emergency Intervention in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States 

United Nation Food and Agricultural Organization Third Party Monitoring of FAO Dry Season Emergency Intervention in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States 

FAO, UN Women and WFP Action “Restoring and Promoting Sustainable agriculturally Based Livelihoods for Food in Borno State 

Northeast Regional Initiative (NERI), Projects on Cash for Work in Nganzai LGA of Borno 

Northeast Regional Initiative (NERI), Strengthening Early Warning System project in Geidam, Gujba, Gulani and Yunusari LGAs, Yobe State 

Northeast Regional Initiative (NERI), Assessment of early warning mechanism in Yobe Gujba, Fune and Yunusari LGAs – Yobe State 

Northeast Regional Initiative (NERI), Assessment of early warning mechanism in Borno in Gubio, Mobor and Enganzai LGAs – Borno State 

Search for Common Ground (SfCG), Early Warning/Early Response Mechanisms in Northeast Nigeria in Mafa, Monguno, Maidguri, Jere LGAs (Borno), 

Search for Common Ground (SfCG), Baseline Survey of SFCG’s Early Warning Early Response Project in Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno and Plateau States 


Creative Media Centre for Development, (NGO)       

Research and Data Analyst                                                                                           July 2011 to  Nov 2016 

I collected, managed, and cleaned data sets. 

I conducted research, surveys, key informant interviews, in-depth interviews and focus group discussions and documentaries. 

I conducted data management. 

I collaborated with research team on data collection and analysis methods. 

I employed new and existing tools to interpret, analyze, and visualize multivariate relationships in data. 

I used system reports and analyses to identify potentially problematic data, make corrections, and determine root cause for data problems from input errors or inadequate field edits, and suggest possible solutions. 

I created databases and reports, develop algorithms and statistical models, and perform statistical analyses appropriate to data and reporting requirements. 

I analyzed statistical data using statistical software such as SPSS and Strata and qualitative data using Atlas Ti software 

I developed reports, charts, graphs, and tables for use by organization and for publication and presentation. 

I provided documentation based on audit and reporting criteria to research team. •      

I interpreted data and made recommendations from findings.

I identified process inefficiencies through gap analysis. 

I drafted project proposals. 

I recommended operational improvements based on tracking and analysis. 

I communicated with organization officials, grant agencies and donor representatives. 


Afribary Limited, Lekki Beach Rd, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria                             

Freelance Researchers andAcademic Writer                               Oct 2014 to January 2019 

I ensured detailed comprehension of clients’ requirements related to each assignment and research work. 

I ensured in-depth research related to every assignment and research requirement. 

I ensured that non-plagiarized content is provided in each assignment and research. 

I ensured compliance with deadlines of every individual academic task.

I ensured successful achievement of word-target on an everyday basis.

I ensured that quality solutions are delivered for each allocated assignment and research work. 

I ensured that revision requirements are addressed adequately and on-time. 

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