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chioma ekenta

Owerri, Owerri Municipal

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About me:

I am mrs Florence Chioma Ekenta (Ph.D). I am a Nigerian born in October, 1960. I started my career in Education quite early and got to the peak. I love to lend helping hands to people especially the young hence my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degrees in Guidance & Counseling. 

  • I am a good administrator and leader.
  • Good in Individual and Group Counselling.
  • A good therapist.
  •  Empathetic, enthusiastic and optimistic.
  • Well composed and enjoys a robust health.


My university education can be said to be my most relevant education because it helped me to actualize my profession which is a helping one.


My counseling profession helped me to make many people especially students to be better adjusted and assert properly. It endeared me to parents of my students who observed positive changes in personal and interpersonal relationships of their children.

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